Statement from Steve Kerrigan on Governor Baker’s continued support of Dean Tran

Steve Kerrigan, the former Lancaster Selectman and candidate for the 3rd Congressional District seat being vacated by Congresswoman Tsongas, issued the following statement today about Governor Baker’s support for Republican Dean Tran in the Middlesex and Worcester state Senate special election.

Steve has joined hundreds of others working hard for Leominster’s Sue Chalifoux Zephier and will continue to do everything he can to help her in advance of the Dec. 5 special election. Copied below is a State House News Service article about the comments made by Tran and the voice of ongoing support from Governor Baker.

Statement of Steve Kerrigan on Governor Baker’s continued support of Dean Tran:

“I’ve joined hundreds of energized supporters working hard for Sue Chalifoux Zephir because she’s the best candidate in this race – period. For Charlie Baker and the Republicans to stick with Dean Tran even after his sexist, homophobic and discriminatory comments is a shameful display of putting party over principles. The people of North Central Massachusetts support equity and fairness for all. I’m confident they’ll reject this type of cynical and divisive politics in the Dec. 5 special election and support Sue Chalifoux Zephir as our next great state Senator.”